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How we restored the run (2012–2014) and how you can help keep it that way!



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A history of our recent restoration accomplishments

It was 2012, and—after more than a decade of heavy use without any improvements—the dog run was in dire need of repair. The run’s surface was worn down to dust, raising concerns about breathing and eye irritation in dogs using the run. Erosion and digging had exposed rocks from the subsurface of the run, damaging the drainage system and posing risk of injury to dogs. There were chronic problems with flooding around the water supply, unsuccessful attempts at providing a pool that drains, and increased problems with the fencing which has enabled some dogs to escape the run.

In an effort to find a solution for the growing set of problems, a group of concerned dog owners from this run reached out to the Riverside Park Conservancy (RPC). This led to several meetings and site visits to the run, with staff from the RPC and the NYC Parks Department, to explore all possible options for repairing the run. While everyone had hoped that there might be an easy solution, the conclusion was that the damage to the run—especially to the surface—was more extensive than initially thought and required an extensive amount of repair.

A capital campaign was launched in May of 2012 with three goals that could be met in sequence, thus enabling us to accomplish each as we obtained the necessary funding rather than having to wait until the campaign’s overall monetary goal was reached.

Work on the run was planned in three phases to minimize restrictions on use of the run and to enable work to be completed as—and not after—money was raised. In coordination with the RPC and the NYC Parks Department, we developed reliable estimates for the needed repair work and determined the best order in which to complete the projects.

Phase I – Creation of a “Watering Hole”

The first step to repair the run was to address the water supply and drainage issues. Prior to restoration, the water source was at considerable distance from the run’s drains. Therefore, when water was used, even minimally, it can either traveled somewhere, causing erosion problems, or it went nowhere, which caused the formation of large puddles around the fountain. Solving that problem, we located the water source next to the drain on the southwest end of the run. A concrete and granite slab was created around both the new fountain and the drain.

Phase II – Restoration of the Run Surface

The investment in the run surface was far greater than anticipated because the damage was far greater than expected. In response to user complaints, the Parks Department worked diligently on our behalf and managed to find a replacement material for the run surface. This was challenging because the material used must be in keeping with the landmark status of the Park. Fortunately, they sourced a material that qualifies, but had more granularity and generates less dust than the current material.

Phase III – Fence Repair and Gate Installation

The final phase consisted of repairs to the existing fencing and the installation of a new entrance into the small-dog run directly from the outside. This eliminated the need for small-dog owners to have to pass through the large-dog section of the run and then having to use the service gate to gain entry to the small-dog run.

Please Show Your Support

For more than a decade, the 105th Street Dog Run has improved the quality of life for local dogs by providing them the opportunity to engage in group play and to socialize off-leash. The run has been an invaluable resource for dog owners in allowing them to exercise their dogs, develop friendships and become connected to the local dog community. For all these years, the dog run has done its part in serving this community and it has done it well 365 days a year through every imaginable weather condition. By 2012 the run had major defects, but the community rallied together and made the necessary changes. It is now dependent on each of us, the community it has served so well, to maintain the important restoration we fought to accomplish.

That is why we ask you—the users of this run—to step up and make a donation today.

Be as Generous as You Can Be!

We need your support so we can maintain this dog run for present use and future viability. We welcome any level of financial support but ask that you be as generous as you can possibly be. When making your donation, consider how important this dog run is for you and for your dog. If there were a fee to use the dog run, what would you be willing to pay? If this dog run didn’t exist, how much would you donate to create such a resource in your neighborhood?

Best in Show $1,000 +
Best in Group $500–$999
Best in Breed $250–$499
Champion $100–$249
Member up to $99

Click here to make a donation today!

Help sustain the 105th Street Dog Run!

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